our start

ISA began to take shape around the idea of working with local country partners in executing all development and humanitarian projects that responds to need of marginalized communities throughout Africa. Since then, ISA has grown as a high impact organization with professionals based out of New York City have come together to address humanitarian issues, inspired in their own ways to further the mission of ISA. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help communities whose access to basic necessities is limited. We advance human welfare by developing sustainable programs that allow the inhabitants of the targeted regions to become self - sufficient and to be able to advocate for themselves and their communities.


Our Vision

ISA establishes a world free of poverty by increasing their living standard. Citizens are held accountable for their thriving communities with a flourishing economic institution. We seek for a society that acquires leadership, independence and self-governance. Essentially, providing the tools necessary to fulfill their humanitarian needs.


ISA has helped communities and local partners throughout Africa to transform their own education infrastructure. With multiple development programs, we have impacted 3,000 Africans. They inspire everyone to care for the future of Africa.
— ISA senior management team

What We've Achieved

  • In Awassa, Ethiopia we provided regular aikido instruction for 200 boys, girls and young adults ages 7 to 25, more than 30% of whom are female.
  • We trained 50 aspiring entrepreneurs in Lesotho and Ethiopia combined.  
  • 14% of our entrepreneurship program graduates has launched their business operation.
  • 1,000 students reached within teacher mentorship program in Lesotho and Kenya.


  • Throughout the ISA system, we have developed 20 leaders that launched community projects
  • Overall, we have impacted over 3,000 future Africans leaders.