Peace Education


The Peace Education project serves as an unprecedented cultural exchange and collaboration for peace. With an interactive setting. The project work with young people in Ethiopia in embodied leadership, somatic education, and conflict resolution. This provides a unique stage that places African tools and approaches to leadership and conflict resolution on par with Western and Asian practices and perspectives. 

During November 2017, we hosted the East African Seminar in collaboration with Aikido Ethiopia. Young Africans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Djibouti had the unique opportunity to learn from world renowned international experts in Aikido, embodied leadership, somatic education, and conflict resolution.


Social Entrepreneurship


ISA strategic approach towards addressing employment, economic growth, and providing opportunities toward building venture is effective with a social entrepreneurship program where it incubates talented entrepreneurs. We are working with entrepreneurs that solves critical social issues with a viable business solution.

ISA Innovation is an accelerator program for startups in Africa that focuses on technology, tourism, agribusiness, and manufacturing. Each entrepreneurs that partakes in our incubation process, their product will have the ability to deploy and some earn early traction.

We're working to bring entrepreneurship education to all and making schools across Africa incubators for entrepreneurs. Our team also continued to quality test our model at scale through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, confirming that we can drive costs down and making adjustments where necessary to ensure that beneficiaries continue to receive the most impactful, cost-effective intervention possible.

Education in Emergencies


In times of displacement, education is crucial. It can foster social cohesion, provide access to life-saving information, address psycho-social needs, and offer a stable and safe environment for those who need it most. It also helps people to rebuild their communities and pursue productive, meaningful lives. ISA has a team conducting gap assessment in the ICT space. It is our hope by 2019 we'll start designing a mobile education application for refugees living in conflict and post-conflict zones.

The ability to pack thousands of educational resources into a single device makes tools such as e-readers and tablets well suited to refugee environments, helping teachers develop lessons where children learn through play and exploration. An online platform and mobile application would be able help to bridge the education gap in refugee camps by allowing for some or all of the following functionalities:

With increasing global conflicts and famine and other climate related displacement on the rise, the population of refugees is growing exponentially. At the rate it is growing, governments, non– governmental organization, and the United Nations alone cannot provide all refugees with the necessary basic resource of education. The crisis is unimaginable. Education becomes a key line of intervention in emergency situations, not only saving lives, but also ensuring that the physical, psychological and cognitive needs of the children and youths are addressed. Education is a fundamental right in any situation. Through our experience in providing teacher mentorship programs, the only way to improve a poor education infrastructure is to improve the level of accessibility to education. Using technology is the solution to provide access to quality education to displaced refugees.