Board of Directors

TESFAYE TEKELU          Chairman of the Board


       Chairman of the Board

Tesfaye is the Chairman of the Institute for Social Advancement.  Tesfaye is the first yudansh (Aikido black belt) in East Africa and founder of Aikido Ethiopia (AE) and co-founder of Action for Youth and Community (AYC) in Ethiopia.

Tesfaye served as director for AYC and head instructor for AE for six years prior to moving to the U.S. and is still actively engaged as a board member and fundraising committee for bothAE and AYC. He was a circus and theater leader and Finance head at the Hawassa Children Center in Hawassa, Ethiopia from 2002 until 2005. There he organized, preformed and lead the circus and theater group touring throughout the country and refugee campsteaching HIV/ADS Awareness, gender equality, non-violent communication and other social issues.

carine Terpanjian               Board Member

carine Terpanjian

            Board Member

 Carine brings 15 years of rich experience in institutional fundraising, organizational development and management for NGOs in the US and East Africa. In Ethiopia, she worked to build the organizational capacity of rural HIV/AIDS community service organizations through management, fundraising and board development trainings. In addition, Carine worked with the Ministry of Health to streamline communications and funding opportunities between the government and civil society. In New York, Carine worked in communications and program development for youth and hunger alleviation, designing and fundraising for programs focused on juvenile justice, college access and after-school services, in addition to food stability. Currently in San Francisco as Foundations Director for Rainforest Action Network (RAN), she works with institutional partners to ensure the sustainability of RAN's programs and to build their capacity to make a lasting impact.